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Scarlett Thomas   ::   Bright Young Things

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Jamie remembers that he doesn't have a circle; he just orbits other people's.
But the point about Thea is that she's strictly a behind-the-camera girl. She wants to see, not be seen. No one's really ever understood that about her.
Paul knows he shouldn't really have bothered telling her anything about himself. She's the kind of girl who takes part in those ridiculous discussions where you have to provide a punchline at the end of everything you say, every anecdote you tell. If anything ordinary happens, or sad, or tame, it's just not good enough. The end always has to be funny.

Scarlett Thomas   ::   Going Out

'Life isn't a videogame, is it? It's not about how many points you can get or how many possessions you can collect, or how many levels you can complete before you die. Life's this real thing that everyone wastes...'
'... do not be afraid of illness - you will be ill, then you will get well, and you may read a wonderful book while you are in bed. Illness can be a blessing.'
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