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Will Ferguson   ::   Happiness™

... the title was already fading from the Etch-a-Sketch surface of Edwin's consciousness.
"We spend our lives constructing elaborate mansions made of cards - and then spend the rest of our lives waiting for someone to bump the table. Hoping for someone to bump the table. We dress for yesterday's weather. We hold our breath. We confuse our memories with who we are ..."
Unhappy people are unhappy in their own way, thought Edwin. Happy people are happy in the same way.
"Tough!" shouted Edwin. "Because the world doesn't care. We can't wish reality away. We can't simply agree to close our eyes and hug ourselves into believing that old age, death, and disillusionment don't exist. They do, May. Whether we like it or not. Life is just one damn thing after another, but it's still the only game in town. We can't afford to sleepwalk through it, because we've only got the one go around. Dum vivimus, vivamus! 'While we live, let us live to the fullest.' Dum vivimus, vivamus."
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