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Karel van Loon   ::   A Father's Affair

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There's a verse in the Gospel of Philip that I think about often these days. 'The children a woman bears resemble the one she loves. If that is her husband, they resemble her husband. If that is a philanderer, they will resemble that philanderer.'
First times aren't something you forget easily, but the rest ... My memory's like the filing system of some boozed-up cataloguer: it's full of gaps and improvisations, the drawers have fallen on the floor, the cards have been hastily swept together. Sometimes months go by with no filing activity at all, then the work turns feverish but sloppy. I have a filing cabinet full of memories, but where are the ones that can help me answer the questions that keep me awake these days?
Don't go looking for things that confirm your pet opinions. Look for things that kick the props out from under them.
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