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A L McCann   ::   Subtopia

I knew I should have spilt the beans. But even then I also knew that it was a burden I didn't want to carry. That was the way my childhood seemed to go; I saw everything and said nothing, hoping myself to slip by unnoticed.
"But isn't it weirder to imagine that people would want to write, or do anything, in their own names? I often feel like I want to forget my name."
"You know, having your faith in adults shaken is something you never get over. You start suspecting everyone, and end up keeping to yourself as a result."
I'd often suspected that the wrong kind of reading might be detrimental to one's balance.
Lying there, at that moment, she seemed more tangible than anything I was capable of projecting onto her. I guess that was what kept me there a bit longer, kept me there when I knew I was already on my way out.
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