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Rodrigo Fresan   ::   Kensington Gardens

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That's why I choose to remember rather than to see.
... there are no darker beings than children, that we're so bad when we're children that when we grow up, we choose to forget it. Adult amnesia about childhood is a fascinating phenomenon, and one of the least studied by the scientific community, which, in my opinion, is always more interested in prolonging old age than restoring youth.
Barrie has decided that he's a Londener now, that he doesn't need maps, that it doesn't matter being lost in London if you've found yourself in London.
Thousands of extras and supporting players - oh, look at all the lonely people, where do they all come from, where do they all belong - and yet each and every one of them is the unchallenged protagonist of his own novel.
Five hundred pages in which - as in most lives - almost nothing happens so that everything can happen.
Children begin as footnotes to their parents, and parents end up being footnotes to their children.
I tune into that night - memories don't come back to you; you go back to them - and there I am.
"Let me give you some advice: the key to a great life is to invent yourself first, and then invent everybody else; to be the director and star and writer of your own film. Most people do the opposite. They think they have to understand the world first, and they waste their time on that. They die having been just visitors at a museum when they could've chosen to be works of art."
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