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Arnon Grunberg   ::   Blue Mondays

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... lust, like death, passes no one by.
There is absolutely no time to wait for later on.
There was even a time when I was quite sure that I wanted to be dead, but I know now that what hurts is not so much that they don't like you but the fact that you don't have it in you to like them, or not enough anyway, not the way you'd want to or ought to.
If only I had done something really bad in my life, I thought, if only I had really beat someone's brains in instead of always just imagining what it would feel like to beat someone's brains in. Then everything would at least have been really ruined. Now everything was just half ruined.
The nice thing about poorly lit cafés is that not only can you have a drink in them but you can turn a blind eye to lots of things there too. If you ask me, it would be a very good thing if not just cafés but the rest of the world were a little more poorly lit.
First you experiment with life and then life experiments with you.
Youth is insane. Later on you'll still be insane, but without the benefit of youth.
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