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Toby Litt   ::   I Play the Drums in a Band Called Okay

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What is it about pages of paragraphs without the relief of pictures that makes musicians go so pretentious?
I asked: 'Is it inevitable that as we get older we get sadder?'
She didn't answer.
'I feel I did things better when I didn't know so much about them.'
To be famous is to be put in a position where failure is your only option. And when you've failed, and fallen completely out of view, it's not too bad - you achieve total has-been status, and are ignored. But the way down is the roughest ride, not the same as the way up in reverse, not at all. Up is booster rockets and G-forces. Down is spine-jangling bumps and bouncing reality checks. They hurt, and you develop a soul-wince - a wince back in the direction of fame and its safety harnesses.
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