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Andrew Mueller   ::   Rock and Hard Places

The journalist is in the priviliged position of being everybody else's spy in the places everybody else can't go, but everybody else has a responsibility to judge the information retrieved.
This isn't as fatuous a statement as it sounds : a lot of famous people, in the cold light of reality, look nothing like they do on television, or at least can get away with not looking quite like they do in magazines. The hair alone ensures that Robert Smith is unmistakeable. Robert Smith, possibly uniquely, has a famous shadow.
'Some people think singers can do anything, I know that... but leave us to the big miracles'
'The thing to remember,' she says before she vanishes, 'and this is important, is that I'm driven. I really am. I'm driven for some reason. But I don't know where I'm going.'
'People today don't think. They are told the present is the only possible present.'
'You must not find yourself tiptoeing.'
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