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Tim Parks   ::   Adultery & Other Diversions

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... we had plenty of stories to tell, their shape stronger with every telling as the dross fell away and the memory got down to the business of forgetting the unimportant...
... it may well be that secretly we seek nothing more of marriage - or work, or the city where we live - than to be securely locked away there, as many, entering some extravagant new supermarket will close their minds and trust to old brand loyalties.
Thus the only important reading experiences are those where one sets out with scepticism, only to find ourselves enchanted, overwhelmed by a vision that demands our acquiescence. And one's problem, perhaps, when first one sets out to write, is that one doesn't really have anything so grand as a vision. Few ever do. So one copies, learning hopefully from the tension between oneself and one's model. Later it will be a question of learning not to copy yourself.
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