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Erlend Loe   ::   Naïve. Super

What I could really use is an older man. A mentor. One who could tell me how things fit together.
He would have asked me to do chores that I felt were meaningless. I would have been impatient and protested, but done them nontheless. And eventually, after several months of hard labour, I would have realised that there was a deeper meaning behind it all, and that the master had had a cunning plan all the time.
Suddenly I would have been able to see great patterns. See various things for what they are. Draw conclusions about the world and people. I would also have become able to restrain myself and bring out the best in others and all that.
I am convinced that it's all about eagerness. That it's missing.
I must find it. Get it back.
It's out there.
It's probably pointless to talk about it.
It's a bit Zen.
I'll never make it as long as I try to.
Only when I don't try, will I make it.
Fucking Buddhists. They think they're so bloody clever.
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