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Linda Yablonsky   ::   The Story of Junk

'I love you,' she whispered.
'You hurt me,' I said.
'Same thing,' she retorted.
There lies the beauty: I'm done with thinking. All it ever did was make me cry.
I'm tired. Junk makes me tired, Kit makes me tired, dealing is exhausting. I'm out of it. Not my mind, my body. I want to eat and it doesn't. I want to sleep and it won't. I want to fuck and it isn't in the mood. There are days when the sadness of this life weighs so heavily I can't see the sky. I don't lift my head to look. The winter air snaps at my teeth, the wind burns my face. The apartment's so cold I live in my coat. I never really sleep. The darkness tucks me in and I go missing for a while. When I wake up it's dark out again.
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