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Paul Auster   ::   Sunset Park

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... a head splitting open from the sheer force of the darkness within it ...
... he tells himself that a marriage can't stand or fall on a simple matter of leaving London a few days early to attend a funeral. And if it does stand or fall on that matter, perhaps it was destined to fall in the first place.
Too many years of anticipation, perhaps, too many years of imagining how the reunion would unfold, and therefore a feeling of anticlimax when it finally happened, for the imagination is a powerful weapon, and the imagined reunions that played out in your head so many times over the years were bound to be richer, fuller, and more emotionally satisfying than the real thing.
... but one mustn't dream too much, thoughts of that kind can plant poisonous seeds in one's head, and it is best to refrain from writing another person's future, especially if that person is your son.
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