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Jeff Noon   ::   Falling Out of Cars

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Listen now. Whoever you are, with these eyes of yours that move themselves along this line of text; whoever, wherever, whenever. If you can read this sentence, this one fragile sentence, it means you're alive.

Jeff Noon   ::   Needle in the Groove

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something about turned-off neon always does it for me, turns on the sadness, gets me thinking about where all the shine goes to

Jeff Noon   ::   Pixel Juice

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Things have gotten smaller since I was put away. Soon the whole world will vanish, I swear.
'Some people', he began, 'burn themselves into the film-strip, the photographic plate, the painted portrait, the pixels, the vinyl disc, the video screen. Admitting of their magical presence, we call these people photogenic, audiogenic. Or more simply, and even if they are ugly, we call them beautiful.'
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