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Nicholson Baker   ::   A Box of Matches

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What you do first thing can influence your whole day. If the first thing you do is stump to the computer in your pajamas to check your e-mail, blinking and plucking your proverbs, you're going to be in a hungry electronic funk all morning. So don't do it. If you read the paper first thing you're going to be full of puns and grievances - put that off.

Nicholson Baker   ::   U & I

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I wish there weren't such things as older and younger generations and the inevitable deaths that make you think you have some special connection with a writer just because a pumpkin of yours once rotted on his book.
For a minute or two, sometime in 1983, the direction of indebtedness was reversed. I have influenced him. And that's all the imaginery friendship I need.
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