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Patrick Neate   ::   City of Tiny Lights

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By the time you're an adult, learning usually means confirming what you already know. You don't learn anything new.
"I'm an old man, Tommy boy. I don't take many things seriously. And those that I do? I cannot afford the time to take them seriously for long."
While I talked to him, I was looking out of the window. The road was already busy with early risers heading to work and the night shift heading home. Amazing all the worlds you never see in this city because of your own particular London lifestyle.

Patrick Neate   ::   The London Pigeon Wars

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Success lends weight to all kinds of foolishness. You can float away on failure and never be seen again.
... if you're at the bottom then people have to look down on you.
"... I was just wondering about the light in London. All day every day, whether it's bright and clear or driving rain, this town looks as grey as a Pathé newsreel."

Patrick Neate   ::   Twelve Bar Blues

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His eyes were a curious mixture of innocent and knowing, like a naive character who's just happened to see too much.
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