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Introduction : The Pledge - Matt Thorne

Fiction is the most immediate form of expression. Anyone who has tried to get a film through to production has probably faced all kinds of compromises that (most of the time) can be avoided in fiction.
Introduction : The Pledge - Nicholas Blincoe

Anyone who loves fiction, loves the things that they have never read before.
A Ghost Story (Director's Cut) - Ben Richards

I care desperately about what people think about me, which is unfortunate because, on the whole, most people can't stand me.

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Henry Rollins Of a Summer

It's the plague of language that threatens to destroy me at all times. So many nights I wished to be able to stop thinking with words, with language. I wanted to think with the sound of the night, with the sound of Coltrane's horn. Better than words, better than thinking, where words collide and compete and thoughts and images fight to survive and memory strains to pull me back to times that hurt hurt hurt.
Henry Rollins Of a Summer

If you're going to go your own way, don't expect anyone to come with you. If you are an artist and you do exactly what you want and not many people appreciate it, that's just the way it is when you are going for your own. If you are a warrior of the soul in the present climate, then you will always be met with mediocrity and resistance. Do you care? Why should you? Why waste your time being frustrated when you don't seem to "measure up" to the smirking cowards that line the highways? What did you expect? A parade? Open arms? Maybe you should take a step back and reevaluate yourself. Perhaps this is not the life for you. Perhaps you are not strong enough to live this way. It is only a few who can walk the line and thrive. I am not talking about casualties who are limping through it, looking like hell. I am talking about those who are filled with joy when they see obstacles and pain on the horizon.
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