This site is no longer being kept up to date, but it has some nice quotes from past reads.

Tobias Wolff   ::   Old School

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The beauty of a fragment [of poetry] is that it still supports the hope of brilliant completeness.
"Rhyme is bullshit. Rhyme says that everything works out in the end. All harmony and order. When I see a rhyme in a poem, I know I'm being lied to. Go ahead, laugh! It's true - rhyme's a completely bankrupt device. It's just wishful thinking. Nostalgia."
[He] could give it up without a backward glance because to him the years now closing were a story of no importance, if a story at all. He instinctively saw himself as belonging to a narrative so grand that this part of it counted only as transitional material.
During our worst dreams we are assured by a dog barking somewhere, a refrigerator motor kicking on, that we will soon wake to true life.
Some writers flourish like opportunistic weeds by hiding among the citizens, others by toughing it out in one sort of desert or another.
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