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Peter Carey   ::   The Tax Inspector

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Frieda did not feel censorious about men's ability to disconnect their feelings. She thought it useful. God had planned it so one half of humanity could kill the food, the other half could nurture the young.

Peter Carey   ::   Theft: A Love Story

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It is hard work to slaughter a beast but when it is done it is done. If you are MAKING ART the labour never ends, no peace, no Sabbath, just eternal churning and cursing and worrying and fretting and there is nothing else to think of but the idiots who buy it or the insects destroying TWO-DIMENSIONAL SPACE.
God bless me, save me, I have been made good by cowardice nothing more.
Artists are used to humiliation. We start with it and we are always ready to return to real failure, the shitty bottom of the barrel, the destruction of our talent by alcohol or misery. We live with the knowledge that, alongside C├ęzanne or Picasso, we are no-one, were always no-one, will be forgotten before we are in the ground.

Peter Carey   ::   Wrong About Japan

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"Be careful, half knowledge is sometimes much worse than complete ignorance."
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