This site was stuck in a timewarp. I'm going to try and keep it updated.
In 2003 I read the following 18 books - give or take a few that I might have neglected to write down. They're displayed in the reverse order they were read - December at the top, January at the bottom:

J K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Matt Beaumont

The Book, the Film, the T-Shirt

Alan Sillitoe

Jasper Fforde

Steven Sherrill

Douglas Coupland

George Saunders

CivilWarLand in bad decline
CivilWarLand in bad decline

N H Kleinbaum

William Gibson

Colin Wilson

Melissa Bank

George G Gilman

Edge : the Loner

Hugh Miller


Tania Kindersley

H B Gilmour

Pretty in Pink

Magnus Mills

The Scheme for Full Employment
The Scheme for Full Employment

Paul Auster

the Story of My Typewriter
the Story of My Typewriter

Paul Auster

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