This site is no longer being kept up to date, but it has some nice quotes from past reads.

Douglas Coupland   ::   Player One

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We run out of things that make us individual very quickly; all of us have far more in common than we do not have in common.
"Ah, rich, nourishing booze. With the first drink comes the truth, with the second drink comes wishful thinking, and with the third drink come the lies. What would we do without sweet, nourishing alcohol?"
An airport isn't even a real place. It's a pit stop, an in-between area, a "nowhere," a technicality - a grudging intrusion into the seamless dream of transcontinental jet flight.
Life is more like a book than a painting. Life makes you wait. Life forces everything into a sequence, time-coded by emotions and memories.
Which is lonelier: to be single and lonely or to be lonely within a dead relationship?
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