This site is no longer being kept up to date, but it has some nice quotes from past reads.

John O'Donohue   ::   Anam Cara - Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World

the body is in the soul
aloneness is not simply due to our difference from each other; it derives more from the fact that each of us is housed in a different body
There is so little patience for the silence from which words emerge or for the silence that is between words or within them. When we forget or neglect this silence we empty our world of its secret and subtle presences. We can no longer converse with the dead or the absent.
.. the ability to welcome that which is difficult and awkward. Frequently the actual work itself is fine, rather it is our image of it which makes it appear difficult and awkward.
Transcience is the force of time which makes a ghost of every experience
loneliness is a black burnt hole, but if you close it up, you close out so much that can be so beautiful for you as well
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