This site is no longer being kept up to date, but it has some nice quotes from past reads.

Paul Auster   ::   Man in the Dark

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... I wish to God she would learn that the rotten acts human beings commit against one another are not just aberrations - they're an essential part of who we are.
... I've begun to lapse into the old, dirty pleasures, cadging butts off her while we plunge through the entire corpus of world cinema, side by side on the sofa, blowing smoke in tandem, two locomotives chugging away from the loathsome, intolerable world, but without regret, I might add, without a second thought or single pang of remorse.
... only the good doubt their own goodness, which is what makes them good in the first place. The bad know they are good, but the good know nothing. They spend their lives forgiving others, but they can't forgive themselves.
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